‚ÄčThanks to Everyone out there for all your support and good vibes and Prayers everything helps and is appreciated !  Love, K8 !

     Everyone that has met K8 knows she is a wonderful person, dedicated mother of 2 beautiful boys, generous and giving of her self for others.  She is kind, considerate, & conscious in her actions.  We found out recently that K8 has stage 4 stomach cancer with a long road ahead to getting healthy again.  She can do this with our help.  Please send your prayers and good vibes her way.  Money helps too !   You can donate by clicking the donate button below. Medical & treatment expenses are beyond available resources.  Thanks to our amazing network of friends & family and donations we've been able to cover expenses so far with more on the horizon.  thanks for your help.  Wishing you & yours happiness & health !            

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